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My son Collin was killed in a 4-wheeler accident this past Spring. He was 11 years old and loved to do all the things 11 year old boys loved to do. I do not understand why this had to happen to my family, but I know that God does not make mistakes and I will see Collin again one day. One of my missions in life now is to find any way for Collin’s life to have a positive effect on others - and thanks to David Bennett and his idea to start the Collin’s Kids - David Bennett Foundation, it is now possible to have a positive effect on the whole community.

I would like to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about the kind of person Collin was.

Collin was not only my child with my husband Steve, he was a true friend to everyone he met. Collin loved life and had a great spirit and even though he had a winning spirit, winning was not at the top of his list. He just loved to have fun.

During Collin’s last baseball season, Steve asked Collin to catch when the catcher from Collin’s baseball team broke his leg the day before the first game. Steve told Collin, “Get back there today and I promise you I’ll get somebody to take your place - how many left-handed catchers do you know?”

During basketball season that year, the point guard on Collin’s team had to quit because of grades - so Collin would have to play point guard the whole game and on the way home he would say - “I can hardly move my legs”, but he would never asked to be taken out of the game.

Steve helped coach Collin in flag football and didn’t have a clue about how to coach football. During one of the games the head coach was kicked out of the game so Steve had to take over. He had the boys in the huddle and said, “OK boys what are we going to do? Jeb Bennett said, “Lets run play 46.” And Steve asked “What’s that?” Jeb said, “That is where Collin lines up on the left and we throw to Collin.” The next huddle Steve said, “OK boys - now what are we going to do?” Jeb said, “Lets run play 49” - and again Steve said “What is that?” Jeb said “Collin lines up on the right and we throw to Collin”. Steve finally said, “Jeb, we can’t go to Collin every time.” The team went on to win the game - and made Steve look good.

Collin and his uniqueness will surely be missed, David Bennett has said several times, "The boy was before his time. He was an old soul, he liked to drink coffee with the grown-ups. One of the things Collin loved was frogs and I now have quite a collection - these frogs serve as a reminder of him but also have another relevant meaning that was recently shared with me -the letters of the word frog F-R-O-G stand for Fully Rely On God and I am learning daily how important it is to fully rely on God.

I would like to share with you a letter that Steve and I received from one of my neighbors ...

Steve, Robyn, Blake and Trey,

There are no words that we could convey just not what would be of any comfort for your family. The only words that come to mind are We Love You.

All children are special but Collin was the reason special was created. You should be so proud of the spirit and sweet nature of this polite young man. He would always come down our driveway on that golf cart of that one of a kind bike. He would only say a word or two but they always spoke the same as a thousand words. Just a couple of weeks age, I was coming down the street and Collin stopped to ask, “Ms. Donna, would you like a ride?” I said, “Why sure” and excitedly hopped on. We had the best conversation and jammed and I literally mean jammed all the way home. I told him that I did not know when I had ever had such a handsome and polite chauffeur and that he had really make my day. He did as he always did and just smiled ever so big and with his little quite self went on his way jamming!

You should all be proud for there are stories everywhere of little quite moments that Collin touched or brightened someone’s day. When we all get to heaven, we always say that we will have a handful of questions that we need God to explain first hand to us. Now we can say that we have a handful and one. The Master, himself, will be there along with one of the most special creatures ever to meet us and catch up. If we thing that Collin brightened the lives of the people here on this earth, it will ot hold a twinkle to how bright he is today in heaven. We know that there is a little social butterfly just fluttering around up there having small but oh so important conversations with everyone he meets. It was an honor and a blessing to say that our family called him our friend.

We have recently started something that has already begun to exceed my expectations and Collin would be proud to know that we have picked up the torch to help kids in Horry County in his name. My family and I are very excited about the Collin’s Kids - David Bennett Foundation and are excited to help meet the needs of the children in our community and to see the smiles on their little faces. I know it will not be that precious little under-bite dimpled grin that Collin was known for, but I’m sure it will be close.

On October 16th the Kick-off Dinner for Collin’s Kids - David Bennett Foundation was held. There was a Silent Auction as well as a few items that were auctioned off live. Through this event, we were able to raise more than enough funds to be able to get the Foundation off the ground. As a result of the dinner and the generosity of area Chevrolet dealers and WPDE, we were also able to provide a van with a wheelchair lift to the mother of a 12 year old wheelchair bound little girl named Danielle Duncan. The smile on Danielle’s face was what this foundation is all about. Being able to see the children that we are able to help is also very important to the foundation -

The Collin’s Kids Foundation Dinner and Auction will be held annually each Fall and The Collin’s Kids - David Bennett Foundation Golf Tournament will be an annual event to be held each Spring.


Robyn Rabon, Collin’s Mom

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